Monday, 31 August 2015

Why we catch & release Tyees

Chinook salmon, AKA Tyee, King or chub, are one of the biggest fish around the island. They are certainly a special kind of fish. Their flesh varies in color from white to pink and even deep red. They change colour as they get closer to their spawning zones, becoming darker and red around the fins. They are quite big for a salmon, and they are also known to be piscivorous, meaning that they can be seen eating other fish. Just imagine the size of these monsters. The sport caught world record stands at 44.11kg kilograms (97 pounds!). That’s what we call monster fish.

Escott Sportfishing offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to catch one of these monsters. We provide our customers the full experience of catching and releasing Tyees around the coast. We know; we know… some people don’t find it as fun to catch a fish and see it go back to the wild; but Tyees are not very popular as meals. They tend to be like a box of chocolates, you never know what you´re going to get. Those with pale meat might taste great, but darker hues might have an off-putting flavor for some.

But fishers love going after these beauties of nature, both because they offer a good fight, and because there is a record to break! However, we encourage our visitors to let these monsters go after they catch them. It will help keep the population healthy and give chance to other anglers to come and enjoy this awesome sport.

As fishing experts, our team is in complete knowledge of what to do before, during and after catching a Chinook. Many people believe that even when a fish is released, it will have a certain death, but this is not the case. After decades of research and experience, we now know that Chinooks have a 90% chance of survival after release. It has been discovered that the hook is of paramount importance. With a barbless hook and proper handling, we can ensure our catch goes back peacefully to its waters.

Fishing for Tyees in the Haida Gwaii with Escott SportfishingWe also recommend our visitors to play and release as rapidly and gently as possible to avoid unnecessary injury. The fish should not leave the water for extended periods of time. The hook must be removed quickly but gently. And fish should only be handled with bare and wet hands. Here at Escott Sportfishing, we take care of our prized Chinook to guarantee that there is plenty to catch here in the Haida Gwaii, and award our visitors with a once in a lifetime experience.

Speaking of awards… Our Escott Sportfishing family is happy to let all our visitors know that once you get the opportunity of catching a Chinook, you earn your golden ticket to the Tyee Club of British Columbia. We take this very seriously because Chinook are very hard to catch. Just imagine fighting a feisty 57 kilograms fish! Anyone who wants to test their fishing skills is welcome to give it a shot. Just think about it, the worst thing that can happen is getting a little wet and going home with a great story.

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