Saturday, 13 August 2011

Another Big Tyee Day at Escott Lodge!

The Homynyk & Fuller group are on fire! Just have a look at Young Lauren Fuller & Jeff Homynyk sport there Beauty tyee's! What a great looking bunch!

THE DEAN CARR GROUP...Kicked Tyee Ass!!

Man fishing is great and so are the guests! Dean Carr and his buddies out of Alberta & Quebec kicked some Tyee butt, especially the Ladies! Women always seem to get the big one!  :)....And yes these are all Tyee's!

Early August...Great guests,big moments, lots of action!!

Rolling along right into August Escott Sportfishing Lodge is going strong! Just have a look...

Late July Tyee Madness!

Wow This group of Guys came in and Cleaned house! They landed a bunch of nice Tyee and perfect eating size Halibut! Just have a look at all these Nice fish!!

Way to go guys! BIG BITES!

The Tyee Guarantee !!

Well once in a while an experienced guide will say... "If you are a patient angler and you buy into the hunt for big fish, there are big fish around right now! So let's just keep on fishing and trust me will get a TYEE!!" Dave Erb listened and look what happened....

Big Dave Erb & Big time baller Steve Saunders and yes a beauty TYEE!


Big 51 pound hog! Clyde Figone strikes gold!

After a 20 year hunt in the Haida Gwaii for a big hog! Clyde Figone finally strikes gold at Escott Sportfishing Lodge! " I know this has been a long wait Clyde , but you believed in the hunt and never gave up!  I'm so glad it happened at Escott Sportfishing Lodge!"

Clyde Figone and the Outlaws!
Man thats a dam nice hog!