Thursday, 28 May 2015

Escott Sportfishing: Saltwater Fishing

Escott Sportfishing welcomes you to the mesmerizingly beautiful archipelago of Haida Gwaii, popularly known as Queen Charlotte Islands, on the North Coast of British Columbia for a life altering Saltwater Fishing experience. 

The deep blue water, fishing grounds brimming with bountiful salmons, a waterfront lodge in the scenic village of Masset, cosy accommodations and a 5 star dining experience guarantees this to be the best fishing vacation that there is in Queen Charlotte Islands, which itself is considered as one of the best places in the world to fish.

In fact, the Queen Charlotte archipelago offers the best Chinook Salmon (or King Salmon) and Northern Coho Salmon (Silver) fishing grounds in the world. This area is considered the starting line for salmon migrating southwards between May to October. During this period, salmons are at their healthiest after feeding on the spawning Herring as they prepare their bodies to be strong enough to endure their long journey down the British Columbia coastline towards the rivers. You can find scores of salmons feeding on Herrings just five minutes from the lodge. 

Photo by: Guy Kimola
So, if you are planning a trip, this is the best period to catch yourself a Tyee, the 30lb+ Chinook Salmon. However, our offshore halibut and bottom fishing grounds stay strong throughout the year. These waters are known to have salmons up to 90 pounds. Also available in this parts are pinks, chum and sockeye, but nothing compares the thrill of catching a large salmon. 

Escott Sportfishing’s fishing grounds and land based waterfront lodge are ideally located to intercept migrating salmon on their way down the British Columbia coastline. With over 25 years of experience in Saltwater Fishing, Escott Sportfishing has assembled a big fleet of big and steady Grady White boats, which are the best boats for fishing.

Needless to say, we are passionate about fishing. Our experienced guides have a very high success rate when angling for halibut and bottom fish. "We know where the big ones are!" Our biggest catch is a massive 73 pounds Tyee.

At Escott Sportfishing, we offer a service on a personal level, based on each customer’s specific needs and likings. Right from the moment you contact us, by phone or email, till the time you board your flight, Dan Escott & Lisa Tuningley, along with Escott Sportfishings' professional staff, will work relentlessly to make this a fantastic Saltwater Fishing experience for you at every step of your way.