Monday, 10 August 2015

Coho Salmon Fishing

Salmon Fishing with Escott Sportfishing in Haida Gwaii
Salmon Fishing with the Pros at Escott Sportfishing

The sun breaking the horizon announces a new day, and the ocean is yours to conquer. What better way to start it off other than fishing for beautiful Coho? Escott Sportfishing offers the opportunity to be part of a once in a lifetime experience.

Coho, also known as Silver Salmon or Silvers, are part of the salmon family and are very distinctive due to their color, strength and aggressiveness. Today, there are many ways to catch Silver Salmons and the Escott Sportfishing team has tried the most used methods throughout time, adapting to the surroundings to ensure the catch and a wonderful experience. That´s how we have narrowed down the methods to those we have found most effective, and today we want to dedicate some time to show them to you.

Fly Fishing
This angling method is different from normal fishing; it requires a fly rod, reel and a lightweight line that is specially designed for it. You can try casting your fly, or drifting it. Cohos are a bit temperamental. Hand tied flies resemble natural invertebrates, and lure the fish in like moths to the flame. Although it can seem complicated at first, with a day or two of practice; you’ll be a pro... or almost.

Buck Tailing
This technique is proven effective for both salmons and also large trout in lakes. All you have to do is troll your fly behind a moving boat, making sure it barely breaks the surface. The key here is the boat; it must never remain at the same speed, but it should also keep a speed that the Coho can catch up to. Luckily for you, Escott Sportfishing has experts for the job.

Similar to the Buck Tailing, trolling, this can be done from a boat in movement, casting the lines with bait or lures to get fish more easily. The difference here is that you can also do it from a static position by drawing the lines in a specific speed in order to make fish bite. Outriggers and Downriggers are often used to keep the lines from tangling and also regulate the depth of the lures. You’ll have a blast either way when your Coho strikes your fly.

These are the methods that mold best to the location and the fish. No matter what technique you decide to use, make Escott Sportfishing your number one option to catch those Coho! Stay on the watch for upcoming blogs on this and other interesting topics.