Thursday, 21 January 2016

Best Salmon Fishing Lodge in Haida Gwaii

There’s a good chance you’ve already noticed, but we’ve recently launched our brand new Escott Sportfishing website, which not only looks amazing but brings together all the information you need to have the best sport fishing trip possible.

Here you’ll find everything that’s offered as part of your Haida Gwaii fishing trip—from information on the salmon or halibut you’ll be reeling in, to the Grady Boats and Gamakatsu hooks we use, to all the mod cons offered at Escott Lodge.

Just as importantly, our new website gives you a preview of the experience that’s to come, including profiles on our captains—including the biggest Chinooks they’ve ever caught—as well as on our chef Mike Redinger. Plus, you’ll find our regularly updated Hog Blog, which covers every aspect of fishing you’ll ever need to know about.

Another huge feature of the revamped Escott site is the photography. Haida Gwaii is a stunning place and our fishing trips are true adventures—and it’s all been captured expertly in the photographs provided by Kyler Vos, Owen Perry, Guy Kimola, and Seann Einerssen. Special thanks goes out to them for their contribution to our new look.

Escott is proud to offer the best salmon fishing at the best salmon fishing lodge in Haida Gwaii, and now we’re proud to bring you one of the most user-friendly and informative sport fishing websites out there. Don’t forget, we’re also on Instagram at @escottsportfishing, where you’ll find more snaps of Escott-led fishing adventures.

Please take a look around, learn some salmon fishing facts, and explore the experience that awaits you at Escott Lodge.