Monday, 3 August 2015

Haida Gwaii: A Fishing Haven

Haida Gwaii archipelago.
Photo by Owen Perry

Mother Nature sure has been kind to us when it comes to islands. Canada is proud to have the Haida Gwaii in its territory. The Haida Gwaii is an archipelago composed of over 150 islands and islets; the biggest islands are the Moresby Island and the Graham Island. Escott Sportfishing has its installations in the point most to the north of the Graham Island, offering an easy access to the other islands as well as a great place to fish.
The Haida Gwaii has everything adventurers and sports fishermen crave for. You will be able to experience the rich culture that the Haida tribe marked on the island and the best fishing you have ever done. It is said that the first men to populate America crossed the Bering Strait and landed on this beautiful archipelago. The purity of the land has been left untouched for you to enjoy with us at Escott Sportfishing. Visit our breathtaking landscapes and catch the most beautiful targets these islands can offer. We will show you how easy it is to fish Salmon and Halibut. Fishing is more exciting when you know that you can make a record out of your daily catch, and here at Escott Sportfishing; we take your records seriously. Fishing has become a family thing in the island; people of all ages enjoy having a close encounter with nature in its purest form while tasting what they caught during the day with their effort.
But there is also plenty to do here in the Gwaii! You can be sure your stay will be first class all the way. Nothing but the best is what we offer you every moment of your visit. You can make it your next family vacation, bachelor(ette) party, honeymoon spot or just your weekend getaway with your close friends. Haida Gwaii has everything for you and all those who you decide to take as well.

No matter the activity you would like to do in the Haida Gwaii Islands, make Escott Sportfishing your option number one, we will open for you the doors of a whole new world you didn’t even know could be so beautiful. Browse around our website, and get familiar with all the options that are in stock for your vacations or weekend getaways. Talk to the experts by calling us and allowing us to show you the way to the best wildlife experience you and your family could ever have.

Explore what Haida Gwaii has to offer, from sportfishing to hiking.
Photo By Seann Einerssen