Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Fishy weather: The perfect time for fishing.

One of the Grady White Boats heading out on a sunny Spring day

A good angler knows that there are many factors that can alter the degree of success of a fishing day; sometimes you can be completely prepared and still… no fish. Is there really a relation between fish and the weather? And if so, what are the best conditions to fish in?

Fish, as well as many other animals, have a great sense of the weather. Don’t expect them to know the amount of snow expected for the winter however… But there are scientific studies that show many animals have a very keen sense of the weather and therefore, react differently depending on the climate conditions. So, if you were wondering; yes, there are good and bad times to go fishing. How do fish react to different weathers?

Winter Weather:
Because fish are cold-blooded, when temperatures drop, their metabolisms tend to slow down a bit, so they don’t feed as much. That means that most fish may not be very active during this season.

Windy Weather:
The old proverb says: “When the wind is east the fish bite the least, when the wind is west the fish bite the best.” This is actually a true statement. When the winds blow from the west and south, it brings insects to the water, making smaller fish swim closer to banks where larger fish tend to eat, and making them get closer to the surface. It’s all a big cycle. So keep on the watch for the winds.

Rainy Weather:
Like humans, certain fish have preferences for rain; while some fish will go deeper into the water to escape from rain, other insect-eating fish will be nearer to the surface waiting for bugs to fall into the water. It all comes down to what you want to fish.

Warm Weather:
Contrary to popular beliefs, summer weather isn’t always the best to fish in. Some fish dislike the heat and go deeper in the water looking for cooler areas. Because of the low pressure that comes with warm weather, it is great to fish early in the morning or late in the afternoon during summer seasons.
Fishing is exciting, especially if you get good bites. Any weather can be a good one to fish in if you take the right measures. It’s helpful to remember that fish have certain preferences for different weathers, what affects one type of fish may not affect another. The best thing to do is find an expert that can tell you when, where, and how to fish to get the best bites around and go back home as a fishing hero –sort of-.

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