Thursday, 13 October 2011

Sweet Home Alabama! Polly, Robin, Fred...and Danny!

I must say in all the years I've fished I never had so many memorable moments as i do while fishing with The Morgan's!  Great look'in Girls & fish Fred! who's that scruffy looking guy?? :)

Joel "the wild thing" Vederas! Big time Tyee!

Joel has been coming to the lodge now for 4 years,and this year he stepped up and put on his BIG BOY BOOTS and slammed this beautiful tyee along with his dad and Captain Sammy "Miami" Ismay! Maybe next year  you will break 40!


Friday, 16 September 2011

All the Guests are gone...but the fish are still here...

If you ever wonder, does Adam every go fishing? Well....

Just look at this guy!

Arm's getting sore Adam?

Who is this guy? 

Oh yeah Tyee baby!

Oh yeah another Tyee!

And another one!


Night time Dinning with Adam sea...on anchor!

Queen Charlotte Islands most wanted!

living the dream!

Old Sweet Pea knows where to hang out on a camping the BBQ!

Ahhh! Life is good!

Reeesy bonafleecee!

Old Catfish!

The end...literally!

                                                                        BIG BITES!!

Late August-Early September...and closing strong!

It has been a great season here at Escott Sportfishing, we haven't let our foot off the gas peddle for a second and neither has the fishing!What a great year its been... and still is!!

Tyler Cheetam and his hog!

Just another day @ Escott = Yet another Tyee!

I think this was the last Halibut we were allowed to keep before it closed? What do think old Smooth Sammy Miami ?

Come on Andy hold it out a little further before I start calling you Andrew!
Thats better Andy!


Bond! Peter Bond!

Long time Escott Sportfishing guest Peter Bond Steps it up in 2011 with this beautiful 40 plus pound Tyee!

No thats not a homeless person with Peter...thats professional fishing guide Chayne "lights out" Bauer!

Mid August...big bite still going strong!

What a season it has been great guest, great fishing & great food!And its still going strong...

Lisa Tuningley with her favourite guy to fish with!
Captain Sammy "Miami"  Ismay!

I think she wants to kiss her fishing guide...after all he is legendary Chris "Catfish" Billingsley and thats another Tyee!

I see you... BIG BITES!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Another Big Tyee Day at Escott Lodge!

The Homynyk & Fuller group are on fire! Just have a look at Young Lauren Fuller & Jeff Homynyk sport there Beauty tyee's! What a great looking bunch!

THE DEAN CARR GROUP...Kicked Tyee Ass!!

Man fishing is great and so are the guests! Dean Carr and his buddies out of Alberta & Quebec kicked some Tyee butt, especially the Ladies! Women always seem to get the big one!  :)....And yes these are all Tyee's!

Early August...Great guests,big moments, lots of action!!

Rolling along right into August Escott Sportfishing Lodge is going strong! Just have a look...

Late July Tyee Madness!

Wow This group of Guys came in and Cleaned house! They landed a bunch of nice Tyee and perfect eating size Halibut! Just have a look at all these Nice fish!!

Way to go guys! BIG BITES!

The Tyee Guarantee !!

Well once in a while an experienced guide will say... "If you are a patient angler and you buy into the hunt for big fish, there are big fish around right now! So let's just keep on fishing and trust me will get a TYEE!!" Dave Erb listened and look what happened....

Big Dave Erb & Big time baller Steve Saunders and yes a beauty TYEE!


Big 51 pound hog! Clyde Figone strikes gold!

After a 20 year hunt in the Haida Gwaii for a big hog! Clyde Figone finally strikes gold at Escott Sportfishing Lodge! " I know this has been a long wait Clyde , but you believed in the hunt and never gave up!  I'm so glad it happened at Escott Sportfishing Lodge!"

Clyde Figone and the Outlaws!
Man thats a dam nice hog!