Monday, 17 August 2015

Get Your Fishing Face On!

Photo By Owen Perry
Once again we post about the amazing experience your stay in the Queen Charlotte Islands would be; we strive to keep being your number one fishing and outdoor adventuring site. Now that you know almost everything there is about the island itself and the activities to do, get to know what Escott Sportfishing requires from you to make your fishing dreams come true, and also get familiar with a few other pleasant surprises in our packages.

Well, this won’t surprise you: you need a license to fish. We do not provide you one and require you to have it at hand to enjoy the excitement of fishing in Haida Gwaii.

You need a B.C. Tidal Waters Sports Fishing License which allows you to fish on Salt Water and are provided by the government of Canada. This one is different from the Non-tidal Angling License, which would only allow you to fish in fresh water and is issued by the British Columbia province.
The cost varies, depending on how many days you will be fishing, and it can go up if you´re not a Canadian resident, so make sure you visit their webpage for updates. The juvenile license for kids under 16 years of age is always free.

You also need to get your Salmon Conservation Stamp affixed to your license if you want to catch any kind of Salmon with us. This stamp is valid for a year, starting April 1st of each fishing season. Make sure you get your license and salmon conservation stamp at the same time so they print it directly on your license.

The Escott Sportfishing team provides transportation to and from the Masset airport, so you can scratch that off your to-do list. But you must remember there is a luggage weight limit of 25 pounds per person with the fishing gear included.

Climate here changes without warning, so we highly recommend our guests to be prepared for everything; bring enough warm clothing, because it is mostly cold in the islands. We will supply the essentials for your fishing trips such as rain boots and rain gear. 11 hours of fishing per day plus 7 hours on arrival day next to the experts will surely satisfy your fishing needs. Our accommodations on their own are an experience you won’t want to miss out on; we are able to fit a total of 15 guests at the time and the lodge is perfectly arranged to harmonize with the incredible surroundings.
Photo by Guy Kimola

Turns out we have even more to offer; on our website you will find many other interesting facts and requirements. Remember to book your room with enough time and have your valid passport to get your trip started. Rates are available in our website’s Rates and Dates section, or you can give us a call at 1-604-818-5106 (Direct) or 1-250-626-5555 (Lodge). Contact us for quotes on customized packages. It’s never too soon to plan the getaway of your life, contact us and start packing! The Escott Sportfishing family will be waiting for you.