Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Fishing Big Baja Tuna!!Check out this beauty!

At Escott Sportfishing when the season is all wrapped up and all we've been doing is eat,sleep and breath fishing. Its nice to getaway and enjoy some.....FISHING!!

Fishing off the coast of  Baja Mexico with Captain Kuyo from Los Barrilos and Dwight Peabody from Reno Nevada, we got into some pretty good big fish action! We had lost a big Yellowfin Tuna and then lost a huge 600 plus Black Marlin (Jumped several times) and thought our big fish dreams were over for the day....not quite! We hooked this Big Bad Boy and had an epic 2 hour battle on our hands! And believe  me it took a solid team effort to land this beauty!

BIG BITES!! Captain Danny Escott

Escott Sportfishing 2010. Check out these big ones!!

Well it was a great season for fishing action in 2010 up in the Northern Haida Gwaii! We saw a record # of Chinook Salmon over 50 lbs and strong fishing form opening day until the final day of the season. Check out some of these hogs that were caught by Escott Sportfishing Guests in 2010. We our already looking forward to a great 2011 season!

BIG BITES! Captain Danny Escott.