Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Come See What’s Cooking!

Chef Adam Perrier prepping for another 5-star meal at Escott Logde
Photo by Owen Perry
You can’t spell fishing without food; well, technically you can… but, you get it. Escott Sportfishing makes sure to wrap up your ultimate fishing experience with the best West Coast cuisine in the area. There is nothing better than having your catch for dinner, and we will make sure you enjoy every bit and every bite of your fishing experience.

Although West Coast cuisine is often undermined because of alleged ‘lack of authenticity’, it has proved to resist the test of time; not because of staying the same, but because of adapting and adopting the perfect ingredients for every time and season. The most worldwide known cuisines have been product of fusion. The cultural exchange the Queen Charlotte Islands have had with both western and eastern cultures, and the native heritage has given it its appreciated uniqueness. The islands have been used as ports for commerce and trading spots for centuries, so people from all over the world have left a little something from their culture that we have taken to our kitchens.

Go with the Pro's!
First Nations and Inuit people took advantage of the lands and collected what the earth and sea provided. Today, we keep doing this, we just turned it up a notch. We emphasize the use of local and fresh ingredients provided by our growing farming community, and the different types of freshly picked fish and meats; the perfect combination of herbs and seasoning could make a big difference in the quality of your dish. Our Executive Chef, Adam Perrier, will prepare the most exquisite dishes for you and those who will join you in this fishing getaway of a lifetime. Do not leave the islands before trying our "k’aaw", which is a herring roe on kelp. K´aaw is part of the Haida Gwaii, but has become a prized dish in many parts of the pacific. We also have been gifted with salmon, lots and lots of salmon. This of course, has made them part of our menu since day one. Make your special request beforehand, or trust the experience of our chef and enjoy what West Coast has to offer.

Imagine going fishing early in the morning, and having some onboard lunch when the bites are too good to go back. Then, at the end of the day, your best catch will be cooked by our amazing chef using only the best of ingredients and that Haida Gwaii flavor. That’s what we at Escott Sportfishing call a perfect day. You can gather around and share the stories (and exaggerations) from your fishing day with your friends or family while you all enjoy a meal to remember.

Our team at Escott Sportfishing is committed to make sure your stay is 5 stars all the way, and that includes top meals. However, reading about it is just not enough; you have got to try it. No matter how you like your cooking done, trust Escott Sportfishing to open your eyes and taste to a new world of flavor. Contact us now, by phone at 1-604-818-5106 (Direct) or 1-250-626-5555 (Lodge) or via web by browsing around our website http://www.escottsportfishing.com/m/index.html and book your visit to the incredible Haida Gwaii.