Monday, 27 July 2015

Family vacations: Sounds fishy?

Salmon fishing in Haida Gwaii courtesy Escott Lodge.
Family quality time is more valuable than ever; very few families make the time to share with their own; this makes them grow cold and distant. What if you take them to the ultimate outdoor adventure with the people from Escott Sportfishing? Many of the people that come to our installations often think it was a pity not taking their children with them; the fact is that most people think that a place like ours is not really meant for kids. Well, we’re gladly here to tell all of those people that they’re wrong.

Fishing is an excellent time to enjoy on your own, bond with a loved one and even for showing the tikes some new skills. Here at Escott Sportfishing, we make sure that the littlest ones feel integrated in the activities grown ups enjoy, they can help in every step of the process without any risks; our team is highly qualified to ensure their safety, that way, they can have fun with the rest of their family while you can have some piece of mind.

Our accommodations fit to perfection big family groups that want to have their little getaway together, we offer the best quality attention and service; we have various areas within the Escott lodge that will definitely make any family member feel comfortable, and our entertainment area has everything you need to let your family enjoy some fun or sit back and relax. The bedrooms in the lodge in their majority overlook the majestic waters, a sight worth watching at any time of the day… Just imagine waking up with your family taking a deep breath of fresh air and take in all that nature has to offer you before going out for the day of fun and fishing you planned for.

Oh! There’s something missing… You see, fishing is what most people look for when visiting us; but that’s not all we have to offer. Yes, fishing is great. Maybe better than great, but not everyone likes it, or at least not everyone plans to go fishing every single day of their vacations, especially if you have young ones with you. The charm of the Haida Gwaii is not only the fishing experience; this beautiful island has anything an outdoor vacationer would like. We offer whale-watching trips, guide hiking, walking and biking adventures on one of our amazing beaches or our breathtaking trails that go all over the island, either way, you and your family will experience the beauty of The Queen Charlotte Islands.

No matter the activity you choose to employ your time in, make sure to include your family, we have every type of recreation for every type –and age- of people looking for adventures in the pearl that Haida Gwaii really is. Escott Sportfishing will make your family vacations one to never forget. Choose us as your preferred family destination and the family time you’ve been craving for so long.