Monday, 6 July 2015

The Island: What’s Not To Love

Photo by Owen Perry

Are you looking to plan your next father sonWell look no further than Escott Sportfishing, your premier fishing and nature spot in the Queen Charlotte Islands. Located on the northern tip of Graham Island, Escott Sportfishing is a one of a kind experience with breath-taking views, glorious fishing waters, and world-renowned nature excursions trip? Or how about a weekend trip with the guys?

The Queen Charlotte Islands, also known as the Haida Gwaii, have gained a reputation for having the most amazing scenery, true untouched nature, and a strong hold onto its First Nations culture. Within the rivers of the Haida Gwaii is some of the best quality salmon and halibut you will find anywhere. In these rivers, you can find high quality Chinook and Coho, starting as early as the first week of May. Our location serves as the starting line for the salmon’s trip upstream; therefore, we see salmon anywhere from 15 to 50 pounds and sometimes more. The largest caught salmon on record is 73 pounds and that’s no fish tale!  In addition to the salmon, many of our guests also find that they are able to catch halibut in a variety of ways. The two ways you can specifically catch halibut are either by A) while you are catching salmon or B) out in the deep water where they usually live in schools. Our halibut also have the tendency to be on the large side, as the largest halibut caught to date at the resort is 173 pounds! Can you believe it?

In addition to fishing, the island offers many other accommodations and excursions for the nature enthusiast or the island adventurer. Our lodge offers 5 star accommodations, that include, but most certainly not limited to hot tubs, cocktails, spacious rooms with beautiful water views, and private bathrooms, poker tables, etc. There are beautiful hiking trails, whale-watching excursions, biking, and a variety of beaches for you to choose from. There are five main towns on this island, along with numerous other little communities scattered throughout, each with their own culture and activities, making sure you and your group always have something to do.

So next the time you’re planning your company’s outing, or just want to get away from it all for a little, remember the 73-pound salmon. Remember the Haida Gwaii. Remember Escott Sportfishing, your premier destination in the Queen Charlotte Islands.