Monday, 20 July 2015

All hail the Halibut!

Halibuts are a type of flatfish often to be seen on US and Canadian waters, although there have been sightings of such on Japanese waters as well; they are a family of the right-eyed flounder fish. They owe their name to the great popularity they have on catholic festivities; they are mostly regarded as food fish and have an incredibly low-fat meat. They range up to 500 lb (230kg), and can grow to the astounding measurement of 8 ft (2.4m).

Halibut Fishing in Haida Gwaii, Escott Lodge “Halis” have been fished throughout history mostly as a sport, in the way of a derby; this allowed competent authority to be aware of the amount of halibuts that had been fished, since people had to keep on record the quantity as well as the size and weight of each and every one of them in order to win. In a time slot of about 24 to 48 hours each, people from all over the world competed to see who could catch more amount and weight of Halis. This practice was abandoned with time due to the unsafe conditions people were fishing in, since issues as weather were not being taken in account when coordinating such events. This forced fishermen to leave dock in risky circumstances.

Fishing for Halibut is quite an amazing experience at Escott Sportfishing. The way to the perfect Hali fishing spot is only about 20 to 40 minutes away from our lodge, and many times it is possible to catch one of them while trolling for Salmon, so double the adventure! Since they remain most of their lives at the bottom of the sea, we take you to the deep waters to fish them; you’ll be surprised of the little time it takes to get one of these enormous fish! Safety comes first; we have top line equipment as well as proven techniques to make your fishing experience overall more enjoyable.

The diet Halibuts have make their meat extra low-fat and excellent to eat boiled, grilled or deep fried when still fresh; although it’s also a problem for some people since they are very hard to be smoked -unlike Salmon- because of the same reason. They are known as the “chicken of the sea” and have served as primary food source for natives in Alaska and Canadian First Nations throughout history. They make excellent food fish because of their sixe and protein source, plus, they don’t require heavy seasoning. Here at Escott Sportfishing we take very good care of our Halis. We offer you the whole experience by handling these amazing fish as soon as you touch shore, ensuring that whether you eat them at our lodge or take them home, they will be perfect to prepare and eat.

The biggest Hali to be reported in our waters weighed 173 pounds; this was quite an exciting experience for all of us. So the get ready and on your way to catch as many as you possibly can with Escott Sportfishing. All hail the Halis!