Monday 28 September 2015


Four o’clock in the morning, and while the world is sleeping you’re loading your equipment and supplies and getting ready for another fishing day. A moment later, you’re watching the sunrise in the front row. All calm and quiet around you. Preparing the bait while the breeze hits your face and after a short (or long) wait, you have a beautiful salmon in your hands. What better way to spend your life than doing what you love?

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Salmon. / Source: Escott Sport Fishing Instagram account @escottsportfishing.
The Pacific Northwest region is one of the best places in the world for fishing. It offers an extraordinarily rich and nurturing location for salmon, but you can find many more species while enjoying the most beautiful sunrise and is the favorite location for recognized salmon anglers like Buzz Ramsey.
Ramsey has been the image of Northwest salmon and steelhead fishing for many years. Born in Toledo, Oregon, raised in Portland and being a Fisherman´s son, he has spent a lifetime fishing and you actually can watch him upstream and downstream the West Coast all year round.
Buzz Ramsey at the Tiller. / Source:

Buzz is a cold-water sport fishing expert specializing in sport fishing for steelhead and salmon. Also he’s a regular columnist in Salmon Trout Steelheader, Northwest Sportsman and Alaska Sporting Journal’s magazines. Throughout his career, Buzz has conceived and authored several  how-to-fish fishing reports offered by companies like Luhr Jensen and Pure Fishing, and the more recent Know How Reports offered by Yakima Bait Company of which he is Brand Manager.
He has helped design and market many fishing baits and related products and is now a brand himself. Among many others, The "Buzz Ramsey" name and image have been used to promote and brand the Berkley's Buzz Ramsey designed Air IM-8 Graphite fishing rods, the Luhr Jensen K-11 X Kwikfish, the Berkley Gulp! Sand Shrimp, and the Gulp! Salmon Egg Cluster. Lures design and testing are a large part in Ramsey’s legacy.
Fishermen use many methods to catch salmon, but Buzz offers many tips and additional tricks to salmon anglers. From his experience and years in the water, he has come up with his Basics for Buoy 10 (one of the most productive salmon fisheries in Oregon).
Buzz is also a hall-of-famer for The Association of Northwest Steelheaders and The National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame. His lures are among the most popular in the market, and are incredibly fun to use.
We get excited when people come to Haida Gwaii just to try one of his renowned techniques for fishing silvers. We must thank all of our local fishing celebs for their continual support of our beautiful sport.

Dreams come true. So if yours (like mine) is fishing, find a rod and bait and go ahead!