Monday, 5 October 2015

From the Hook to the Cook: Fish Care You Can Trust

You and your friends are out on the boat in the waters of the Haida Gwaii, taking in all that the waters and the island have to offer. You spent the whole day laughing, enjoying each other’s company, regaling each other with stories, and most importantly, reeling in some of the best Tyee and Halibut around. The day is over, and now you have a boatload of fish that needs tending to. Don’t fret. We at Escott Sportfishing have you covered.

We pride ourselves in fish care at Escott Sportfishing .         We understand that proper fish care is imperative to preserving the quality and taste of your fish. As experienced fishers ourselves, we can’t think of anything worse than your entire stock of fresh fish going rotten because you didn’t have the proper tools and space to take care of them yourself. That’s a whole day of good fishing wasted. When travelling, it’s always important to have the proper tools and facilities with or near you to clean and store your fish. Unlike most Sportfishing and Charter fishing locations along the coast or in the area, Escott Sportfishing offers full fish care services. From the deck to the dock, your fish is instantly bled, stored on ice, cleaned immediately and vac-packed or flash frozen depending on your preference. You can rest assured that once your fish is unloaded and in our capable hands, we handle it with care and prepare it thoroughly as if it were our own.

Salmon that has been vac-packed sealed At Escott, we offer two options to prepare your fish for the journey home. Our options include Fresh Fish and Canned Fish. The first, and more popular option, fresh fish, involves a lot of cleaning techniques that are purely based on your preference so your fish is cleaned and prepared the way you like it. We can clean the fish with the head on or off and can single or butterfly fillet it as desired. We remove stomach bones, vac-pack your fish, and even provide fish coolers. Your second option would be to have your fish canned. With canning, we can smoke it before it’s canned or vac pack it. We have three options for vac-packing, which include, hot-smoked, cold- smoked, or cut into steaks. Tons of options from which you can choose!

So, after a long day of fishing, trust our professional fish care services to take care and store your fish. We want you to not just have the memories of a great trip, but also enjoy the fish that you caught during your time here at Escott Sportfishing. Pictures are great, but they don’t taste good on the grill.