Thursday, 29 October 2015

How to Dress for Sport Fishing

Photo By Guy Kimola
When you come to Masset to go salmon fishing with Escott Sportfishing, you’ll be spending every day, all day, out on the water. While we provide rain gear, rain boots, a fishing hat, and a toque for each guest, you’ll need to pack the right clothes for your fishing trip.

For those who don’t already have their own “fishing wardrobe,” there are a few basic things to keep in mind.

Like your parents always told you, the key for dressing for the outdoors is layers. Although the temperatures in Haida Gwaii stay between 0°C and 20°C year round, the weather can be unpredictable. So, whether you’re fishing in the height of summer or as winter begins to creep up, layers will allow you to regulate your temperature.

Your fishing outfit should consist of three layers: a base layer, a midlayer, and your fishing bib.

The base layer is there to keep you dry. There’s no getting around sweat when you’re out fishing for the mighty Tyee, and a breathable base layer will eliminate excess moisture. If you’re fishing adventure is booked for a colder season, then this layer will also provide extra warmth. Ideally go for a synthetic and stay away from cotton or wool; although they are warm, they hold onto moisture, which just makes you colder.

The midlayer is there to keep you warm. The air trapped between the base layer and midlayer plays a major role in this, but so does the material. Stay away from jeans and other stiff materials and go for something less restrictive, like sweatpants or cargo pants. A T-shirt or fleece on top, depending on the season, is good for up top.

You’ll also want to keep your feet warm and, more importantly, dry. Wear sport-specific socks, not regular old tube socks—your toes will thank you. Another essential item is a pair of sunglasses. Polarized is best, to help cut the glare coming off the water, but above all make sure they stick on your face, otherwise they might end up overboard.

With the right clothes, you’ll make sure you can concentrate on reeling in the fish and not on being uncomfortable.