Monday, 8 June 2015


Photo By Guy Kimola

Haida Gwaii is one of the best places in the world for sports fishing. Situated on the northern Pacific Ocean, this group of islands is home to a great many wonders in marine ecology. Also known as Queen Charlotte Islands, the archipelago is a great place for water sports.

Haida Gwaii are considered to have the best salmon fishing grounds in the world. This area is considered the starting line for salmon migrating southwards beginning May.

Chinook Salmon (or King Salmon) and Northern Coho Salmon (Silver) are the two types of salmons found near the islands. From May to October, thousands and millions of spawning Herrings pass through the islands. As a result, the waters around the island are brimming with salmons feeding on the Herring as they prepare their bodies to be strong enough to endure their long journey down the British Columbia coastline towards the rivers. As a result, you will find a number of salmons that are over 30lb in size. These salmons are called Tyee.

Chinook Salmon, which start arriving as early as the first week of May, feed on the abundant schools of spawning Herring right at the harbour in Masset which is just 5 minutes from the lodge.
These salmon can be anywhere between 15lb and 50lb. However, the number of fish heading south increases as June approaches, and this is when the Chinooks grow rapidly both in terms of number and size. This makes the six-month period a fantastic time for sport fishing. In June, Chinook grow enough for our sport fishing expedition to catch a 30+ Chinook Salmon, or Tyee, daily. These waters are known to have Chinook salmon of up to 90 pounds, our record is a massive 73 pounds.

Northern Coho Salmon are another salmon showing up near Masset in late June. All through the season, the size of the Coho increases at a rate which is noticeable from week to week, due to their rapid feeding on the Herring. In September, they go into a feeding spree and there are plentiful Cohos in the water, 15lb to 20 lb in size, for as late as October. These fishes are a handful as they are brimming with energy, dancing along the water, testing your skill level and are great on light tackle. You will not find a fresher and tastier fish than these chrome beauties. Our lodge record Coho is 20 pounds.

Pinks, Chum and Sockeye are also available in these waters. However, sport fishing is for the brave and strong and why aim for anything simple. So, lets prepare our lines for the catch of a lifetime, bait up, and take our salmon fishing adventures to the extreme. Your first bite may very well be a Tyee.