Monday, 4 July 2011

The TYEE Report!!

Wow fishing is still going strong everyday and alot of real nice chinook salmon and coho have showed up! We are catching Tyee (30lb) Chinook salmon everyday! Just have alook at some of these happy Escott Sportfishing Guests & Guides!!
                                         Cliff Borchers with his beauty 40 plus pound TYEE!

Darcie Moeller and Al Anderson showing off a couple TYEE! Darcie's was bigger!!

Proud Fisherman Gerald Moeller & his big Tyee!

Deb Anderson looking very pleased with her first Tyee!

Pro Escott Guide Sammy "the record man" Ismay & Jake Moir with yet another TYEE!!

Too top notch Escott Guides & one beautiful TYEE!