Tuesday 1 December 2015

Sport Fishing and the Art of Relaxation

Sport Fishing and the Art of Relaxation
Photo by Guy  Kimola
Every angler has their own reason for loving fishing, whether it’s the thrill of the chase, getting to be outdoors all day, or frying up the catch at home. But there’s another big reason that people head out onto the water: fishing is relaxing.

Although the word “relaxing” may seem at odds with the image of a fisherman fighting a massive Chinook salmon for an hour or two before getting it onto the boat, that is only one aspect of the sport. Because sportfishing takes you out on the water for hours at a time—often the whole day—there’s a lot of downtime between such battles.

These moments between tugs on the line are also what fishing is known for. In fact, the most common reason people fish is to relax, according to the American Sportfishing Association. 

Escott Sportfishing : SportFishing and the Art of Relaxation
Photo by Owen Perry
While waiting for the next battle, an angler can allow their mind to wander—but not too much, because you need to be able to react when the bite does come. This makes fishing an activity similar to mowing the lawn or painting a wall. That is, it engages part of your brain, but it doesn’t always engage all of it. You need to pay attention, but you don’t need to pay it all of your attention.

This makes fishing the perfect set up for letting your mind wander—and often the type of situation that gives rise to Eureka moments. 

Not only does fishing give you time with your own thoughts, but the constant casting and reeling means it’s a repetitive activity. Repetitive activities are stress busting. And diverting attention to repetition is not only mentally soothing, but actually releases physical tension too. 

Haida Gwaii sunset. Photo by Guy Kimola
Photo by Guy Kimola
Whether you're out with Escott Sportfishing trolling, mooching, or even saltwater fly fishing, you can expect the perfect mixture of excitement and relaxation—while soaking up the scenery of Haida Gwaii, which is always a relaxing thing.